PCA-Tampa Bay’s mission is to ensure that all student-athletes have a positive, character building experience in youth and high school sports. We are an organization that works with coaches, parents and student-athletes to teach the value of working and playing hard. Competing to winand doing so within a framework of learning life lessons through sports.

There is a problem that is affecting kids and families throughout the Tampa Bay community. And that means it affects all of us. Our problem is that too many kids are dropping out of sportsespecially before the age of 13. When they quit, they lose the opportunity to learn important character building lessons that are critical to success in life. Lessons like discipline, determination, teamwork, respect for authority, and overcoming adversityand we believe this is a collective loss that equals a devaluing of our community. When kids lose the value of what sports can bring to their liveswe all lose in everyday life.

When kids stay in sportsand learn the life lessons that sports can teachthe very fabric of our community is strengthened. The result is stronger communities where there is more hope, stronger character, higher satisfaction, and more people who are better prepared to face the challenges that the future surely holds. When sports serve as a vehicle to teach important life lessons, we build better kids and better people. And when better people thrive–communities grow and prosper.

Join our teamhelp us #KeepKidsInTheGame to make Tampa Bay a better community in which to live, work and play.